Start Sccm compliance report not updating

Sccm compliance report not updating

If there is already a report that I have not found let me know but otherwise if you could help me out with which tables/views I would have to join to get this information it would be much appreciated.

Collection Name like '%windows server 2008 r2 - ga' order by, a.

Hi All, have you ever wonder why the Software Update Compliance takes long time to report the correct date?

Report features : In case you don’t have a reporting services point installed in your environment, use this procedure to install the reporting point role and then, upload a RDL file to report server.

Starting in SCCM 1610, you can use the new Software Updates Dashboard to view the compliance status of devices in your organization and analyze devices that are at risk.

The new Software Updates dashboard is a really nice addition but as the other dashboards, it still lacks major features to rely on for your overall compliance.

We still suggest to use built-in reports or our Software Updates reports to monitor your compliance.

that is outside Config Mgr, but in this post, lets talk about the main one, state messages.

When using SCCM 2012/2012 R2, the default detailed level setting when deployment a software update group is to report only success and errors messages.

this is quite ok for most environments where you go to the deployment node and check things from there, but you’ll not get the compliance for each update.

there are 3 options: all messages, only errors messages and the default one that is only success and errors messages.

Where it gets incomplete is that if we select 25 Security Updates, only 10 updates are displayed.